Testosterone Boost! Here Are The Best 10 Steps

Testosterone is not just a men’s hormone, although it plays a special role for men. But one thing is certain: The hormone for drive, energy and zest for life. Anyone who has a high level of testosterone, which is cool for life and has really Bock!

Therefore, it is not only important to rule out a testosterone deficiency, but also to increase this power hormone possible. For whoever wants to be happy at a normal level, which corresponds to the normal average man?

I want to point out some ways in which men and women to take the road of the Tigers today. Of course, these techniques do not work overnight, but an increase little by little leads indeed to the destination if you have patience.

testosterone increase

Of the various possibilities that are presented here, some complementary. For example, it seems quite reasonable to take high-quality protein and simultaneously operate toning.

In this way, you can admire the valuable amino acids not only to hormone production, but also to increase muscle mass use. Other methods mentioned here refer more to deficiencies that need to be out of the way. For a testosterone deficiency may preclude the construction.

Bring the thyroid back on track

One of the most underrated situations in relation to the body is an underactive thyroid. You can one not only shoot the diet, but from a wild tiger make a neutered house cat (metaphorically speaking).

The thyroid I imagine as a kind of master switch or accelerator. It does not matter how great the other conditions (the car: that gasoline which engine oil as much cylinder how much PS) if you forget to step on the gas right, nothing happens or it all goes too hesitant from ,

In the thyroid gland there is a certain range of action, in which moves the metabolism. When there is hardly doing anything, then also changes not effective (vitamin administration, sports, etc.). A really strong metabolism however, ensures that you constantly eat and even has to keep his weight in order just to name one example.

Anyone who wants to check his thyroid, can sometimes go to the doctor. A very practical and useful instructions for restarting the thyroid I have found in this form of thyroid Protocol.

HIT (High Intensity Training)

Sport is certainly one of the logical way to increase his testosterone can. However, it makes a difference whether you walk for 2 hours or minutes retrieves its full power. Regarding the level of testosterone is recommended to resort to a high intensity workout, so a high-intensity workout.

This HIT units can be run in different sports, which is always in the foreground, that retrieves the maximum power, so go to the limits. Here are some examples:

strength training

One study found that men who were by 90 seconds of rest between training sets with squats and bench press, the best increase in testosterone had, during a pause of 60 seconds, especially the growth hormone HGH rise lies (see also: Slim in his sleep).


Again, the principle of brief, intense efforts are being applied. Thus, for example very short sprints be useful over only 6 seconds while a very long endurance units can decrease testosterone. It is therefore important to set short, intense stimuli.

Vitamins and minerals

One could point out all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are in any way related to testosterone in combination. But it is important to understand that this is likely to be a work of art. All values should agree and therefore should all vital substances are taken into account.

Especially in the foreground is vitamin D. A study found that free testosterone increased by 18 percent if one took vitamin D as a dietary supplement. But zinc and magnesium are extremely valuable. Just these two materials have increased in a study of testosterone – 33 percent! Not by chance are some of zinkhaltigsten foods like oysters as aphrodisiacs.

In addition, iron and Vitamin A play a role, to eliminate a testosterone deficiency and increase free testosterone. Who wants to play it safe, uses a high-dose multivitamin and possibly supplemented missing vitamins and minerals individually.

High quality protein

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, so the protein. And protein is the building block of all, what life is. This naturally also hormones such as testosterone, which we want to increase.

There are various sources of protein, but just in terms of the rare essential amino acids it pays out and put back to good protein powder. Whey or even Iso Whey can help. My personal favorite is the ESN Designer Whey, but also other products can be found and compare the Internet.

Of course, the synergistic effect arises from the fact that you take high-quality protein to be while playing sports. Then you have undertaken not only two measures that increase itself seen testosterone, but to build faster muscles, as if you take just ordinary protein sources to himself.

Healthy fats

On one side of the Internet, I’ve read that, according to a research report the levels of testosterone already then decreases when one discovers his calorie requirements to less than 40 percent of animal fat.

Although must conversely not to say that you like crazy must take all sorts of fat now. However, in other health contexts specific recommendations apply in respect of fats. Avocado, salmon and eggs contain certain amounts of fat, but also the so-called good fats. Care should be taken so also here that you take enough of the best nutrients to be.


Even in this day and age you have to repeatedly point out how important is sleep. At the night’s rest is not a testosterone boost, but conversely makes sleep deprivation for a testosterone deficiency. And that you do not want yes.

Again arise again possible synergy. Sport powert and makes you tired, this results in a deep, restful sleep. Of course, any sport unit should not be to just before falling asleep, otherwise one is still too wired.

Weight and weight loss

Even obesity is one of the testosterone-killers. In men, it is particularly cruel: Here Obesity can cause hormones feminize, therefore be to estrogen. Then you get the famous men bosom.

Losing weight helps to counteract a caused by obesity testosterone deficiency contrary. How to decreases well, I write about so mainly on this blog.

Interesting way: insulin is considered an opponent of testosterone. So much sugar makes for much insulin, which in turn pushes the testosterone on the defensive. So low carb may be a solution here again.

Switch off stress

And again as a testosterone deficiency-polluter. Stress causes stress hormones, and catching it, the battle for supremacy on. Of course, much also depends on one’s own perception. Some love so the stress, use it to drive and as a support, at last to do things. But if you feel overwhelmed, then you have to act.

If you get a total with his life rightly, then meditation helps to keep stress levels low. But if one generally has no more solutions to stress, then maybe you should think about a change, which can sometimes even lead to occupational change. But this only so as a possible point.

Sex, imagination and the power of thought

Both sex per se, as well as the mental confrontation with it, affects the Tesosteronspiegel. But even autosuggestion can help to increase his testosterone. There is an interaction between testosterone and self-confidence. Yourself inspire occasional self and say “I am the tiger!” can give a decisive boost hormone!

This power of thought should not be underestimated.

Pomegranate as a panacea

This experiment is still with me, but I plan to soon buy dozens of pomegranates. For I have read that the free testosterone by almost a quarter (!) May increase if you take daily 200 ml pomegranate to be, either as juice or fruit or even capsules.

Especially here is that unlike the other measures already occurred very early in this list of the effect. The corresponding study suggests that testosterone levels in saliva after only one to two weeks to 24 percent average increase. In other words: The pomegranate hit like a grenade. Why is probably the way. I want to have and will therefore soon go shopping mal …

What is the way even mentioned in passing: The study also showed positive effects on blood pressure, mood and anxiety control. As I said, by the way mentioned …


In addition to these routes, there are other dietary supplements to help, for example, is creatine allow an increase of 22 percent to 25 percent in testosterone. The list would probably not end if I were to call each micronutrient. The important thing is that a few things are clear:

  • The thyroid gland is the principal regulator for metabolism
  • Short, intensive sports units can increase testosterone as a movement component
  • Many vitamins and minerals are involved and should be moderately available – a few may thereby be even higher doses
  • For protein and fat only the best of them but much
  • Reasons for a lack of testosterone necessary to disconnect
  • Pomegranate is one of possibly several panaceas
  • The brain (the part of one who thinks) has a say when it comes to increasing testosterone!


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