How not to snore

You snore loudly , very very loudly at night . Your companion ( or anti snoring devices companion ) can do no more ; he ( or she ) has tried everything : the clamp clothespins on the nose (! ) , the hissing , the blows of elbow in the ribs , the recipes of grandmother crazy as, for example, drop off your shoe or your slipper on your bedside table , sew in the back of your pajamas with a tennis ball to prevent you put it on the back , you return to the side during your sleep … nothing can be done ; you snore more beautiful … and your spouse no longer sleeps . Difficult when one has to wake up the next day to face a hard day of work !! The specter of divorce looms over the bedroom !

Even more disturbing , snoring may be linked to a health problem and, in particular, be a sign of sleep apnea that is to say, breaks in breathing that occur quite unintentionally during sleep and can lead to serious health consequences in a more or less long term .The more you snore , the greater the risk of apnea is high .

If you suffer from snoring , there are chances that you will enjoy not a deep and restful sleep ,leaving you tired and irritable throughout the day . What are the causes of snoring and how not to snore ? I suggest you review a few of the reasons why you are prone to snoring, and consequently, the means to avoid it .

The common causes of snoring

Sex and age are two important factors that explain the snoring

Snoring is relatively common . A lot of people have a snoring problem . According to the statistics , 60% of men and 40% of women over 40 years old snore a little from time-to-time . In contrast , 25 % of men and 15 % of women suffer from snoring important pathological nature, which bears the sweet name of “ronchopathie chronic “

Gender is therefore a determining factor of snoring is more prevalent among men than among women ; this difference can be explained by a narrowing of their airways .

Age is also an important factor : the More you age the more your throat tightens, and the more it loses muscle tone ; the combination of these 2 factors can cause a tendency to snoring .

Finally, the genetic factor can play a significant role : You accidentally inherited from your forebears, a throat constricted what bothers you to breathe normally and makes you snore .

At the same time to these causes and conditions , whose mastery eludes you ,other factors on which it is easier to act ,may be taken into account .It is important to know pou doesn’t snore .

Aggravating factors and how to counter them for not snoring

If you are overweight , do not wait to lose the extra pounds ; when you lose weight the density of the tissues in your throat will decrease and you will sleep better and will be less likely to snore .

Eliminate industrial foods from your diet and replace them with fruits , vegetables , whole grains, and whole foods ; do some form of exercise : sport , dance , brisk walk each day … according to your preferences . This will help to increase your metabolism and make you lose your extra pounds more quickly

Not to snoring avoid drinking alcohol in the evening

Additional tips for not snoring :

Be aware that

The strips of the nose are very effective and keep the airway open . They are very easy to use and can be purchased in most pharmacies .

the nasal spray : a way to not snore

The nasal spray is effective in a short period of time but becomes less effective if it is used continuously ;

A few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of warm water is a good home remedy ; this will clear your nasal passages and will also help to clean up the phlegm in your throat .

With a little luck , these tips will help you not snore ; it is only a short list very incomplete . It can serve as a starting point to enlighten you on the direction to take to solve your snoring problem . Above all, do not lose sight of the fact that a snoring accented or sleep apnea can be dangerous because you can stop breathing for several seconds during your sleep and this several times during the night ; if you think you suffer from this issue , talk quickly your doctor . But in all cases ,that is to say , even in the absence of sleep apnea , take your doctor’s advice on the matter .

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